Company Introduction

  The concept of BFast originated from ''Be Fast'', that is to provide users a faster and easier platform that maximises efficiency to purchase your lunch and is free of charge for delivery fee!

BFast app is not only limited to lunch but also adding varieties of new cuisines that are conveniently at the click of a button.

BFast的概念来自于Be Fast,顾名思义就是让用户更高效更快速的购买您的午餐,而且BFast 是完全遵照商家的实际卖价,无添加任何外送费用(免费外送)

此外,BFast 将不仅仅局限于主食午餐,而将会陆陆续续增加更多更多的商品,好让您犹如亲临便利商店般,所有商品货品都能垂手可得。

BFast 创造的目的是体恤在各大商场的工作上班者,能吃到外边较为平价的午餐, 免费送上您爱吃的食物。


Step 1

Download BFast app, Pick your specific location 


Step 2

Select the breakfast you desire including add ons.




Step 3

Top up your account balance.


Step 4

Press Checkout to proceed order,

Then find from My Account ---> My Order ---> Click your lastest order and show to us 

付款后购买详情将在应用程序里的My Order 里找到。

Step 5

Please show your order & collect your breakfast at your set destination the following morning.

隔天早上在已选择的派送定点出示您的应用程序里的My Order, 领取您的午餐/即可


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